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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Xeriscaping in Southborough: Water Conservation is Good for Everyone

Adorable Wooden Bunny Rabbit Sitting Along the Edges of a Xeriscaped Yard in Southborough

From the Latin xero, or none, xeriscaping refers to a landscaping type that requires little or no water to maintain. Those who reside in the southwestern United States often see xeriscaping as it is a common choice for landscaping in a desert where rainfall is almost non-existent. This arid region has brought about some beautiful, low-water landscape designs. These imaginative and evocative designs using different sizes and colors of rock have given the desert states a unique, artistic flair. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, greenery is also an element of xeriscaped yards, often integrating plants and trees native to the area and hence already adapted to the climate.

But xeriscaping is not just rocks and cacti, no matter how beautiful. Throughout the country, xeriscaping remains an outstanding water conservation choice. Xeriscaping is basically doable anywhere, offering several financial and environmental benefits that can save water, money, and time. These savings have definite benefits for single-family rental homeowners. When performed correctly, xeriscaping can lead to some truly beautiful landscaping options your residents will love.

The initial step toward having a xeriscaped yard is to do some planning and design. Having a plan before beginning work could save you from plenty of headaches and stress down the road. There are a lot of ways to make your place look good, and the huge amount of choices make things confusing. So, if planning and design aren’t your forte, professionals in your area can provide you with the expertise in xeriscaping installation and maintenance.

As you plan your landscape in Southborough, remember that xeriscaping often limits lawn spaces to small accents. Xeriscaping doesn’t mean that you can’t have any grass, only that the amount of grass will be minimal as compared with the overall size of the yard. Your residents might thank you for that, as mowing the lawn will be easy with such a small space to manage. Another key characteristic of xeriscaping is the use of water-efficient plants. Picking the proper types of plants can make beautiful natural accents and save water as well. As these plantings have low water needs, drip systems are typically utilized instead of more traditional sprinklers to automate and considerably reduce the amount of water used.

With such low water usage, water utility costs will significantly lessen. Upkeep is reduced also, meaning your residents can enjoy a lovely yard with minimal effort. With so many benefits for you and your residents, xeriscaping just makes sense for Southborough rental homes.

At Real Property Management Metro West-Worcester, we can aid you in finding a team to enhance the attractiveness of your property with a water-efficient and visually pleasing appearance. We have the experts you need to create and maintain the yard you and your residents desire. Would you like to learn more? Please contact us online or call us at 508-329-6000 for more information.

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