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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should You Allow Residents to Vape in Your Framingham Rental Property?

Vaping Device Standing Next to a Mug of Hot CoffeeThere are certain things more harmful to a rental home’s interior than cigarette smoke. Because of that, almost all Framingham property landlords add in a clause in their lease documents that restrict smoking within or anywhere on the property of their rental households.

On the other hand, what about vaping? The use of e-cigarettes as an alternative for smoking tobacco has soared distinctly in the previous years. Numerous people regard vaping as a nontoxic fun pastime or even as a way to give up smoking completely since vaping is commonly acknowledged to be less toxic to an individual’s well-being.

In spite of the publicity, vaping is far from being unharmful. The clouds of vapor that are built by e-cigarettes and other vaping devices leave a filmy deposit on whatever they come close to, from walls to floors to fittings. Give it some thought: anywhere that air can movie within a household, vapor can, too. This counts air vents and ductwork, where issues could go invisible for months or even years.

The reason that vapor causes lots of problems is that it is not water, but glycerin. It is clear, but it does not merely evaporate into the air. As a matter of fact, it is somewhat oily. The emissions from an e-cigarette are more consistent as aerosol gas than water vapor. It has molecules that contain chemicals, flavoring, and preservatives. When these molecules come in contact with a surface, they bond to it. Over time, these molecules can produce a dense film that is tough – and pricey – to eliminate.

While rigid surfaces like windows and mirrors can be wiped down pretty smoothly, other exteriors together with carpets, painted surfaces, and ductwork is not. Scrubbing the filmy residue that vaping remains on surfaces like these is both pricey and inefficient and may result in enduring devastation to some items.

For example, the particles of vapor can’t be cleared up with water, so fabrics and carpeting may need to be expertly cleaned many times a year. Coated walls are added burden because they are absorbent and vapor molecules will stay into every pore. The coarser your walls are, the more swiftly this sticky film will amass upon them. The film must be cleaned off often, but the cleaning itself could destroy the paint.

With so much capability to ravage your Framingham rental household’s interiors, it just makes sense to disallow the use of e-cigarettes along with other forms of smoking. At Real Property Management Metro West-Worcester, we do regular property evaluations to examine for trails of vaping inside your rental homes. Our proficient property managers check your properties carefully, establishing enhanced lease compliance and safeguarding the value of your investment. To learn more, contact us online or call us directly at 508-329-6000.

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